What is a Home Watch Service for Homeowners?

What is a Home Watch Service for Homeowners?

Meta: When you’re away from home, a home watch service can help you keep an eye on your property in case of an emergency. Learn more.

Maybe you’re buying a second home. Or maybe you’re leaving for an extended vacation or business trip. Whatever the case, you need a way to keep an eye on your home while you’re gone. For many homeowners, a home watch service is becoming their top choice.

Home watch services help to protect your home while you’re away. Someone comes out to your property to look for signs of damage, break-ins, pest activity, safety risks, or anything else that might impact your peace of mind.

Here’s why more homeowners are hiring home watch services, and why it might be a good investment for you, too:

Spot Issues Early

Minor issues can quickly turn into expensive catastrophes if left unchecked. Things like a pest invasion, roof leaks, or a fallen tree on your home after a storm need to be addressed as soon as possible. Take action early to mitigate risks to your home and save money in the process.

Remote Cameras Can Only Do So Much

Home cameras that livestream your home to a device are growing in popularity. They’re affordable and you can install them just about anywhere. But while they do provide some peace of mind, they’re not perfect solutions. The livestream depends on good internet connection, and if your power goes out, your camera may or may not turn back on automatically. Plus, you’re limited in what you can see. You may not be able to find serious issues if they arise.

You Don’t Have to Hire a “House Sitter”

House sitters carry unique risks. Someone will have access to your home while you are away and may leave the door unlocked when they leave, for example. Plus, you never know what they might be doing in your home while you’re gone (e.g. uninvited guests, parties, etc.).

Get Peace of Mind with a Home Watch Service

Property management companies aren’t just for homeowners looking to rent their home. Homeowners can benefit from things like a home watch service to gain confidence and enjoy their time away. Schedule a consultation to learn more about our home watch service.