Property Management

Full-Service Property Management Business

We look to provide our clients with a property solution that optimizes their asset’s performance. This is done strategically by marketing the owner’s property to find the right tenants at optimal rent rates. We then service those tenants by providing a smooth and clean move-in process, promptly taking care of their routine and emergency maintenance requests, and being diligent with their concerns. We strive for a high renewal rate and low turnover to ensure the owner’s bottom line is favorable.

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Our Services Include:

  • Leasing
  • Marketing
  • Lease development and implementation
  • Maintenance, Repair
  • Accounting Services for Property Receivables & Payables
  • Property Inspections- Move Ins, Move Outs, & Periodic
  • Renewal Market Rent Analysis & Renewal Initiation
  • Legal & regulatory compliance (evictions)
  • Rental Tax Compliance

* Services may include additional costs

For residents, we offer online payment services and maintenance requests. For owners, we provide an online portal with on-demand access to property reporting allowing for optimal transparency. Within the portal, our owners can see up-to-date financial and operating reports, copies of receipts.

Certified and Experienced

We have an expert team of Accredited Residential Managers, Apartment Managers, and HVAC certified maintenance technicians to service your property. This, along with strong relationships with local vendors and contractors, allows us to provide your property with the optimal management service.

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A La Carte Property Management Services

For owners who might not need our full spectrum services, we offer personalized property management to help them benefit the most. Access to valuable Property Management professionals can help many owners claim success in their investments by providing assistance in tenant relations, make-ready preparations, vendor coordination, rent pick up, late notice delivery, etc. Let us know what you need, and we will let you know how we can help! Contact us today.


Online Property Management Software

There are no delays when it comes to Orchid Property Management services. Our choice in software allows us to deliver the service that the property owners need all included in your monthly service. We are dedicated to providing leading technology and software to our clients that allows our managers to connect with owners and tenants quickly with ultimate transparency.


  • Electronic organized communication between property managers, landlords, tenants, and vendors. Each role can log in and check their info
  • Sophisticated marketing strategies to fill vacancies sooner
  • Faster & thorough screening of applicants to streamline and select more desirable tenants
  • Faster and secure electronic owner draw and contribution payments
  • Modern rent collection options
  • Transparent financials with attached copies of receipts, invoices, and pictures
  • Electronic organized tenant and vendor files
  • Vendor License, Insurance & W9 compliance and tracking
  • Property Reserves for Taxes & Insurance
  • 1099 ® E-Filled
  • and more!

As we strive to make sure that your property is rented promptly, it's also important to get the most desirable tenants. Having a good tenant mostly contributes to the overall success of the property which is why we focus on the initial application process. We have a strong leading third party vendor that thoroughly provides a background character assessment for each applicant so you can make an educated choice on filling your vacancy. We are paid on performance, which means we don't get paid until you get paid! We pride ourselves on having an eviction turnover rate of 1% of our units which is contributed to tenant selection and experienced Property Management.

What do property managers look for in a tenant?

Our Screening Process Includes:

  • Employment verification
  • Rental & Eviction History
  • Background Screening
  • Income Verification
  • Character References
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Rent Collection

Rent collection is easy if you have a perfect tenant who always pays on time but sometimes unforeseen circumstance happen. Rent collection can require a lot of diligent, prompt, task to avoid a large delinquent balance of unpaid rent and a lengthy eviction process.

​Tenants who go beyond their given rent grace period are hand delivered a 3 day notice as required by the Florida Statue. Once the 3 day notice expires, the owner is given the opportunity to decide if they would like to allow the tenant more time in paying the uncollected rent or filing an eviction. If an eviction is necessary, we coordinate the whole process and keep you informed every step of the way! Evictions are filed (at costs) with a local Florida Licensed Attorney.

​For convenience, tenants have portal access where they can make safe online payments to help get your rent to you faster.